New HuskyMOSSAIC program at UW for students with ASDs

In January I began advising for a new student-support program being developed by the UW Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences, together with the University of Montana – Missoula.

The project is becoming more established, and so I’ve now stepped into the role of program liaison: consulting with the program directors on the overall vision and structure as it emerges; supporting connected research initiatives that are quickly developing; designing onboarding resources and promotional materials; and leading trainings and situational modeling for some of the groups involved (instructors, peer mentors, and mentees).

The program at both universities has been titled Mentoring, Organizational, and Social Support for Autism Inclusion on Campus.

HuskyMOSSAIC is a newly launched program that aims to provide social and organizational support for UW students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) or related conditions, and contribute to an increased understanding of best practices in collegiate support of young adults with ASD. Students may join at any time during their college experience, as part- or full-time, traditional or nontraditional students. A medical diagnosis is not a requirement for participation.

Website: mossaic.uw.edu

Press: http://www.dailyuw.com/news/article_75313dc0-d927-11e5-a1d7-8f2d6ec7f43f.html

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