Schedule Changes

This year I have been designing instructional materials and working with more psychologists, and it motivated me to go back to the old alma mater to study neuroscience. I’m not planning on any career changes, but traditional day classes are occupying a midday slice of my regular 9-to-5ish hours now.

What does this mean for you? Well, the main effect is that I have been moving the bulk of my work hours to the morning and evening, so you’ll see work timestamps outside of banker’s hours more often.

My calendar is still always current, so you can grab a call or face-to-face at a time that works for you. For Puget Sound area folks, I am in Seattle in the morning and Kirkland in the afternoon and evening now (message me if you need an afternoon time in Seattle).

Also, I will be adjusting some Meetup times and locations to line up with this newer routine.

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